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Your Kingdom study, a blessing in our Church: Dear Sir, today it was a blessing to found an email from you and that email said a lot for me and my congregation. At 18H00 I spoke in the services about it and people were challenged and blessed. I am a pastor of a Ministry that was open last year in Cape Town and we are just a few and make a different among our colleagues at work and everywhere because we have to leave according to the Kingdom principal. I will like and receive more encouragement email from you and it will be a blessing to me and my community. Your Biblical understanding is so spiritual and opens my eyes to many things. We should impact the world with the Kingdom. I am so blessed to speak to you and believe me, you have changed me totally, and God is powerful using you. Sincerely, Pastor, Cape Town, South Africa.

I need spiritual freedom: Hi Kees, My Goodness I really don't know what to say I am touched and moved by your email thank you and please help me through the process of deliverance I wouldn't have asked for more. I need spiritual freedom and I believe you are a part of my answered prayer, I’m going through a lot lately and I’m thinking may it’s because of the things I’ve done in my past...I don't know but I just need a break through please help. Thank you for the emails they are really helping. Love in Christ, Woman, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Support through Skype: Hi I had just looked at your site and I am very interested in talking to someone who understands deliverance. Thank you so much for a lovely conversation. I was in so much despair today - but thank you so much for listening to me. I have had this problem of voices in my head for so many years since I was 15 having just gotten saved with the devil accusing me of having committed a unpardonable sin. If the Lord wasn’t gracious I could have perished. Oh the mercy of our God. But now the attacks have intensified but thank you for today, it was so difficult - for a moment I had a thought of suicide due to a sense of helplessness I felt. You see to me it’s always been warfare with demons. Thank you so much Brother Kees. It brings tears to my eyes to have someone like you who cares about my predicament. Heaven knows my struggles and my deepest longings to be free. Thanks again for praying and counseling me. Yours in Christ. Two month later: I am experiencing increasing relief as I daily do warfare with the Blood of Jesus, praise and worship and the Name of Jesus. I also have worked on soul ties with parents, ex partners and generational iniquity. There was a lot of witchcraft use by my step grandmother, visits to our paternal grandfathers house where rituals were performed on us (cuts in our bodies). These also I have renounced and broken off in my life. I am amazed at how God is teaching me to war in the Spirit. Little by little I am gaining the victory. Man, Durban, South Africa.

Very good stuff my mate: Very good stuff my mate! I read your study “Curses upon the beautiful Rainbow Nation” through with analytical and spiritual insight. I am glad you have discovered the identification of Canaanites who were cursed, not Ham – at last! The issues of witchcraft are very wide and since they are very subtle, need more spiritual insight. Well done! Pastor, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Emotional healing: Hi, the peace of Lord! Good morning to you, and thank you very much for your gracious email, for responding to my request. Thank you for all your words and in particular: “The Lord wants you also to learn endurance, to grow stronger and be even more useful. The Lord is may be using this challenge in your life to let you grow. GROW!!". God told me this - and he used you to confirm: "Everything is working together for those who believe”. I believe that angels are messengers from God and they are our servants. Yes, I am open. I know there is a spiritual world, but never dealt with this. All you can do (there is no distance in the spiritual world), I'll be very grateful. God bless you and your ministry plenty. Your sister in Christ. Woman, Brazil.

Sadness turns into joy: Hallo there, thank you so much for the wonderful message! I have downloaded the pages you said, and I will start studying on it! Thank you God for these wonderful servants! Thank you again for the reply, it really means a lot to me. Have a nice day! Hope you have a splendid weekend, I know that I will!!! God bless, Love. Woman, Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Een van die bestes wat ek ontdek het: Soms soek ‘n mens werklik hulp en goeie gebalanseerde Bybelse inligting oor emosionele genesing, bevryding van demoniese bindinge en uitdrywing van demone. Hierdie bediening en webblad van Kees is werklik een van die bestes wat ek ontdek het en jy sal daar uitstekende artikels ontdek in die verband.

Mijn ervaring met bevrijdingspastoraat: Ik ben een 38 jarige man en ik ben al 20 jaar verslaafd aan alcohol en drugs. Mijn leven bestond uit veel angst en depressie. Ik heb zoveel terugvallen gehad en bijna in alle afkickcentra opgenomen en geweest. Ik wist me geen raad meer en bleef maar terugvallen. Ik dacht dat ik nooit meer zou genezen. Ik ben genezing gaan zoeken in een andere hoek. Dat werd mijn eerste ervaring met bevrijdingspastoraat. Ik heb toen dingen geleerd die ik nog niet wist. Ik heb mijn leven voor het eerst aan Jezus gegeven, mijn zonden beleden en iedereen vergeven en op een gegeven moment werd er stevig gebeden, ik zat aan tafel en moest opeens hevig overgeven, tot wel vier keer aan toe. Ik voelde oorlog in mijn lijf en er vertrokken demonen uit mijn lichaam. Dit was een heftige ervaring. Ik was er ziek van en totaal uitgeput. De volgende dag merkte ik dat mijn angst en trek in alcohol en drugs weg was, ik voelde mij rustig in mijn hoofd, mijn lichaam was ook rustig geworden en het trillen van het afkicken was verdwenen. Toen was de depressie ook weg en ik geloofde weer in een gezonde toekomst. Ik geloof dat als je satans rechtsgronden wegneemt dat het allemaal beter gaat. Mijn streven is geworden om het goede te doen en het verkeerde te laten, opdat de demonen die mijn leven verziekten geen kans meer krijgen. Het was voor mij allemaal een heel bijzondere ervaring. Ik ben niet christelijk opgevoed, maar probeer de rest van mijn leven door te gaan als christen. Ik geloof in een beter leven met genezing.  Man, Maarsbergen, Nederland.

My experience with the ministry of deliverance: I am a 38 years old man and I'm already for 20 years addicted to alcohol and drugs. In my life was a lot of fear and depression. I have had so many relapses and visited almost all drug rehabilitation centers. It was driving me crazy and I kept falling back. I thought I would never be healed. I decided to search for healing in another field. That was my first experience with the ministry of deliverance. Then I learned things I didn't know before. I gave my life to Jesus for the first time, confessed my sins and forgave everyone, and at the moment friends prayed strongly for me, I sat at the table and suddenly had a strong throw up, up to four times. I felt a strong war inside my body and demons departed from me. That was an intense experience. I felt sick and exhausted. The next day I noticed that my fear and need for alcohol and drugs was gone, I felt peace in my head, and my body became quit (no shaking anymore) too. The depression left me also and I believe again in a healthy future. I believe if you take away the legal grounds for satan, all things are going better. My goal has become to do the good things and to leave the bad things, to give those demons no chance anymore to ruin my life. It was a very special experience to me. I am not raised with Christianity, but will do my best to continue as a Christian for the rest of my life. I believe in a better life with healing.  Man, Maarsbergen, Netherlands.